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Our commitment to performance optimization is evident in every aspect of our portfolio of services. We identify and recommend cost-effective evolution paths, including migration or maintenance options that effectively address your digital asset needs. Our industrial automation solutions help reduce the total cost of ownership, as well as heighten production and product quality. 


OnCare Digital Assets (powered by TSP) is a proven and experienced digital industrial services provider. Our roots go back to late 2000 when Industrial Maintenance Services (IMS) was founded with the single goal of being a customer and employee-driven company providing parts and services to the pulp and paper industry. A few years later, Advanced Service Providers (ASP) was founded in 2002 to provide service to QCS equipment primarily in pulp and paper mills. In 2008, TSP, an award-winning and customer-endorsed technology company, founded an automation service group to provide service to Honeywell QCS and DCS equipment.

The three companies were strong on their own but realized that working together instead of against each other was the path forward. ASP joined forces with TSP In 2011 and IMS followed suit in 2015, making TSP the largest third-party QCS service provider in North America providing automation support to 20+ original equipment manufacturers (OEM).


In early 2019, TSP once again reimagined its industrial automation solutions business by creating a joint venture with Voith. The new company, OnCare Digital Assets (powered by TSP) increases access to OEM engineering support, PLC knowledge as well as a second major industry – hydro power generation.

We are proud to have the widest digital service capabilities regardless of the original equipment manufacturer. We have and will continue to provide service to pulp and paper mills and other non-woven manufacturers. With our joint venture, we are excited to now extend service to hydro power plants.

Our service team consists of 120 professionals across North America and we are growing every year.




To partner with customers for a lifetime by providing superior service to every digital asset at the lowest operating cost regardless of the original equipment manufacturer.


Our vision is to be a highly specialized service organization with robust digital solution capabilities. We will:

  • Utilize an independent approach to provide service to all your digital assets

  • Be a superior service organization that reacts with flexibility and agility

  • Invest in training systems so our employees are able to increase their knowledge